(...some of which have answers)
What is the RIOT Wheel?
It's an 1100lb motorized single-wheel vehicle, with
the driver in front. Why, what does it
look like?
Is it NEW?
Completely, as far as I know. It's the first radical departure
in single-wheel designs in over a hundred years.
Can I BUY one?
Are you NUTS? Then of course you can buy one. These are prototypes, and so stupidly dangerous, but if
you'd have bought a Wright Flyer in 1904, then contact us NOW: And if you want
us to build you something similar, or something entirely different, we can talk about that, too.
How does it work?
Check out the Technical section for a complete inexplication.
Why build the RIOT Wheel?
Sorry, but if you have to ask...
Why not add another wheel for stability?
Excellent question. I tried that with my grandmother: after adding six wheels and painting her
yellow, she was, indeed, a school-bus. In Monowheel, the "mono" is Greek, meaning "several".
How long did it take to build?
Concept to Playa took 18 months. Fits and starts
along the way, many mistakes, rebuilds etc. Sigh.
Is it uncomfortable with your knees up?
Well, it was. The driver position is now much more relaxed, much cooler,
much more... easy-chair, hot chocolate, TV. New photos
The fender is hideous.
That's a statement, not a question. Questions have a "?" at the end. You should have said:
"The OLD fender is hideous and I hope the NEW fender is better.  ?"  (It is)
If I only go to one camp at Burning Man, which should it be?
Too easy. FLATTERY CAMP, of course. How do I know? The
Pizza Sluts delivered twice! TWICE!
What is an Art-Car?
Art is that which provides what life does not. An Art-Car is
that which provides what the roads do not. But should.
Is the RIOT Wheel an Art-Car?
Definitely. But RIOT Wheel 2 will be a practical vehicle; under CA law it's
technically, I believe, a motorbike, unbelievable though it may still look.
Will they "design cities around it"?
"Prediction is hard, particularly of the future." No.
So what's the HOLD-UP??
Yeah, I know. Money, of course: a couple o' medical bills, and there you
are, scrabbling... But we WILL get there soon, dammit.
Why the Top Hat?
Dignity, always dignity.
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