Go on, be honest.

OK, the first thought I had once I came up with it, was: "how did the Victorians do it?"
because it seems that everything that can be done with fairly simple mechanics was done
100 years' ago (yeah, the Edwardians did good, too).

I just assumed it had been built before, and desperately wanted to know
how. But over the
next few months and now years, the only references that I found or that people showed me
were 'driver-inside' or 'driver-on-top' designs. So after two-plus years, I genuinely believe
that this hasn't been done before. I'll be glad if that turns out to be true, but certainly do
want to claim anything as original if it isn't.

I have now been shown two fantasy paintings of a 'driver-in-front' vehicle, which I will try
and find links to (they look great). They are only paintings, and I hadn't seen them, but in
the interests of intellectual honesty, I have to say they are older than the RIOT Wheel.

Now, there is loads of stuff IN the RIOT wheel that I certainly didn't invent,
but if what you're after is a "single-wheeled vehicle with the driver in front", then I think the
RIOT Wheel is it.

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