What Keeps It Upright?

RIOT 1 has a very flat-profiled tire, which
provides stability when stopped, up to about 5
degrees left and right. In addition there is a 65lb
flywheel, machined out of 2" thick steel, spinning
at over 5000 RPM, providing gyro-stability.

RIOT 2 and 3, however, are completely unstable
below about 5 mph, so
all static stability is
provided by the gyros controlled by a sensor
package from
Rotomotion LLC. Above 5 mph,
the enormous gyro-stabilizing forces produced
by the wheel itself, make steering the larger
65lb steel gyro flywheel - accurate to
within 0.0003"
How Does It Steer?

The driver controls the direction of travel using
the joystick, and, depending on the speed, by
shifting left or right on the rolling seat. The
joystick controls solenoids that roll the gyro,
producing precession forces that yaw the wheel.
As with a bicycle or motorbike, at slow speeds
you yaw in the direction you wish to go, but at
higher speeds you yaw in the
opposite direction.
This rolls the vehicle into the desired turn
Spring-return left / right seat hinge
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