A completely incomplete list...
The development of the RIOT Wheel would not have happened without the help and input
(intended or not) from some fine people - here are just a few:

Michael Z. - I won't let you all pester this remarkable man by giving you his last name. Suffice to
say he's a NASA engineer, and simply jumped in with both feet, despite having much more
important stuff to do ( like get the shuttle ready for orbit again).

Tom - His complete faith in the project, and help with machining and parts, was and still is, utterly
invaluable. A great guy.

Hasselgren Racing - Their complete lack of faith in the project was an inspiration ("oh yeah? I'll
show YOU guys...") and Paul's allowing me to use his machines was a huge help. They are quite
simply the
best at what they do, and what they do is hard:  Hasselgren Engineering

Douglas Self - His mono-wheel museum is the clearing house for single-wheel vehicles. It's an
inspirational site, with great links, and tons of info on all sorts of exceptional transportation.

Renu - Good friend and good landlady, who put up with the noise, mess and late rent.

The Neighbours, Scott + Sheila - Who put up with all the noise, and never said a WORD.

Erik - Juggler, engineer, photographer - is there nothing he can't do?

Steve - Who supported in many way$. Simply, family (except at the poker table).

Laurie - Who rights things when they topple, and always challenges, encourages and supports,
which is true friendship.

...and all the others who have donated time, money, expertise or parts.
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