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Sponsors (who, incidentally, want NOTHING in return)
Rotomotion, LLC
These folks build amazing UAV's and the sensors that
keep them upright. And, bless them, they're helping out
with a sensor package for RIOT 2.
Ron Ringsrud -
The man understands the romance in gems. He's
helped us out in a BIG way, a surprise even when you
see what he does for charity in South America
Popular Science!
A fine article on the RIOT Wheel written with much care and attention by
Mike Haney.
The RIOT Wheel was picked up on by
A motley and wonderful collection of insufficiently wheeled vehicles,
dating back nearly 150 years. Truly a lovely site.
Gyrover - A Single-Wheel RC Vehicle
A Carnegie Mellon University control project that can even run on water.
Photos are towards the bottom of the page.
A Chinese Monocycle
Elegant, simple, human-powered, Earth-friendly.
McLeans Monocycles
This man makes beautiful, powerful, rideable mono-wheels. He's also
the current record holder.
A truly terrible name for a fully developed driver-inside version. They're
selling them, too. This is a Dutch site, the US one has gone.
Monocycle for the year 2025
A nice design for a mono-cycle. As far as I can gather it's still at the pie-in-the-sky stage.
Me, I prefer ham-where-we-am, but it's winning awards, apparently
Burning Man
The main Burning Man site. Tickets, info and more. Go there regularly.
Other, Misc, you know, "etc"
The MIT fools' main site. You can listen to the last show on-line, if you
missed it. If you've never heard of them, do yourself a BIG favour.
The Shipyard
The RIOT Wheel's new home! A co-op for foolish, large, and kinetic
sculpture, and more.
Engineering Power Tools
Very useful engineering conversions, calculations etc.
B.E.S.T Outreach program for kids
A cool program encouraging kids to engineer (...without pay. Typical)
Therm: Fire-art, fire-performance, fire performance
IF you get the chance, you MUST see what these folks do with fire.
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